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SIC Global knows that globalization demands two competencies: pooling the best solutions from around the world and then tailoring and delivering them locally.

With the vision of opening up Indian stock markets for the global investors, SIC Global is focused on customer delight rather than customer satisfaction.


After 20 years of customer service in India, SIC's Global Broking Service is well equipped to deliver value by combining knowledge of local and international markets, qualitative research and grass-root intelligence. At SIC, we strive to attain a perfect balance of knowledge and experience to deal with the dynamic business scenario.


At SIC Global, we make every possible effort to nurture relationships and deliver customized solutions using technology as the key enabler for our clients, wherever they might be.

"Our industry does not respect tradition - it only respects innovation."

AT SIC Global, our job is to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve and create value for our customers and stakeholders alike. Innovation, dedication and customer delight are pillars of our success.

As we embark on a journey together, we at SIC Global look to align our strategies with our final goal - Happy Customers!