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India is the Brightest spot in the Asia-Pacific Region: S&P

After years of playing a poor cousin to China, India has finally woken up and is set to overtake its Asian peer this year to become the fastest growing large economy in the world. Meanwhile, our equity markets too have reveled in a bull run pushing India ahead among the developing markets, which is also an evidence of its growing economic prowess.

Invest in India's Growth with SIC

With over two decades of experience, we at SIC Global, boast of a deep understanding of the Indian equity markets. Our broking services have consistently driven growth and satisfaction for our clients.

Whether you are a Foreign Portfolio Investor (FPI) or a Non-Resident Indian (NRI), we have the much needed know-how and understanding of the markets to guide you through it without hiccups.

Differences between FPI & NRI

FPI (Foreign Portfolio Investor) NRI (Non-Resident Indian)
A person who is not resident in India (Example: Corporate Bodies, Trusts, Individuals, etc.) Citizen of India who is residing outside India
FPI is not an NRI NRIs are people who are working abroad
FPIs are legally permitted to invest in securities in other countries. FPIs are expected to have good track record and reputation. Since NRIs are working abroad they are expected to stay outside of India for an indefinite period of time.
Start investing :   To begin trading in the stock markets, you need to open a demat and a trading account.


For people who are living outside India but want to be part of the country's growth story, having an NRI account will allow them to buy equities, future/options, undertake fund transfers and get a clear insight of the markets. Investing in financial assets such as stock and bonds of entities located in India now is as easy as opening a trading account and demat account with us. You will then have to link your savings bank account with these two accounts to seamlessly transfer funds.


FPIs are required to get a Permanent Account Number (PAN) and open a depository account and a trading account with a designated depository participant and SEBI registered stock broker respectively. The investor is also required to provide a designated bank account outside India to invest into Indian Capital Market.

Why SIC Global

At SIC Global, we want to offer our investors a unique investing experience. The choices we offer to the investors and our tailored services for both NRIs & FPIs puts SIC Global at an inimitable position to serve its clients better and help investors reach their financial goals.

"Unrivalled Trading Experience -- Unparalleled Research -- Unbeatable Advisory Services"