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"The act of saving and investing money regularly and wisely will significantly change the way you live your life in the future".

Thinking of taking a plunge into the promising yet challenging world of stock markets? SIC Global is the place where opportunity meets reward. Be it a Bull Market or a Bear, there's always an opportunity, and we are always at your side to transform that opportunity into Reality, helping you reap a massive fortune. Stay on the top of the market with our cutting edge trading insights that will enable you to unearth the winning deals with maximum windfall, while our unrivaled trading platform and most competitive brokerage plans will add immense value to your trading experience.

To achieve superior investment results, your insight into value has to be superior.   Howard Marks, American investor

Indian Equities

The world has finally taken notice - as India steps up the charge and replaces China to earn the mantle of Asia's next big powerhouse, investment opportunities galore in the country's fast growing stock markets which finished 2014 as the second best global performers. From small to mid & large caps, & from the 5,000 or so companies at the BSE to the well diversified index of 50 Blue Chips at the NSE, Indian equities are your gateway to great returns. Count on our two decades plus of experience in the Indian markets, unrivalled technology & tools to aid fastest trade execution, unparalleled trading solutions, real time updates, market insights, historical data to enjoy maximum value with minimum effort that will allow you to take a big bite of the India growth pie.

US Equities

Looking to diversify your equity portfolio? Why not go beyond borders and think global. Uncle Sam has a lot of goodies in store for you- from homegrown technology giants such as Apple & Facebook to foreign listed behemoths such as Samsung and Toyota, American equities make up 30% of the global stock market, making investing at Wall Street indeed a very lucrative option. From the 30 well complied stocks at the Dow Jones Industrial Average index, to the tech heavy portfolio of 50 stocks at NASDAQ and the broadly diversified S&P 500 Index, US stock markets offer a plethora of opportunities, especially at a time when the recovery in the world's biggest economy is gaining more ground. Giving you the winning combination of superior stock investing services, unmatched trading insights, low price brokerage plans and fast trade delivery tools, we at SIC Global will help you become the next big super star of Wall Street.

European equities

Slowly but surely Europe is emerging from the rubbles of its six-year old debt crisis aided by record central bank cash injections and low oil prices, making the region a good investment prospect from the fundamental viewpoint. Not only do European equities offer immense value but they also give the investor the advantage of significant diversification. Choose stocks from bigwigs such as DAX, FTSE 100 & CAC 40 to broader players and pan European indices such as Euronext 100, the index of 100 European blue chips; Europe is a market that cannot be ignored by traders. We offer your specialist support, minimum cost per trade, exclusive research insight into European markets & economy that will help you dig deeper into details and execute the most efficient and valuable trade to make you richer.

So be a part of SIC Global family for a smooth, swift and seamless trading journey!