US Equity

Provides a list of financial terms that can help you gain understanding of the U.S. Market.

After-Tax Proceeds Money received from a sale after deducting commissions, fees and taxes.
Actively Managed Mutual Fund A type of mutual fund in which the fund manager actively attempts to outperform the market by making decisions to buy or sell individual securities to manage the overall fund portfolio. For comparison, see Index Fund.
Aggressive Growth Funds Stock mutual funds that seek high growth through aggressive investment strategies. These funds generally buy stocks of emerging companies that offer the potential for rapid growth
All or None Directs the broker to attempt to fill the entire amount of the order or none of it during the time limit you specify. This differs from "Fill or Kill" orders because "All or None" orders do not require immediate execution. Only applicable to Limit Orders.
American Depositary Receipt (ADR) Receipt for shares of foreign-based companies that entitle the shareholder to all dividends and capital gains. ADRs allow Americans to buy shares of foreign-based corporations' securities at American Exchanges instead of having to go to overseas exchanges.